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Once an update is pending, then it is notified on the GPS screen. Updates consists of all the new changes in the country maps needed for better navigation.

If any update is skipped in the past then don’t be panic, you can check for updates now!

Different GPS devices are used for different vehicles. Be it your car GPS, truck or motorcycle, all can be checked for updates.

Basic functionality of most of the GPS devices is same. If at any point of the time GPS device is not showing right directions or not able to find addresses then checking for the updates is the first step.

The basic maps will always remain installed on the GPS however, it is important to update in order to download the latest changes with the maps.

Our technicians can help with the update process and help to understand the features of the GPS device.

​Different maps can be installed on GPS device. Most of the devices come with USA and some of the devices come with North America maps.

​Different country maps can also be installed if you are planning to travel abroad. GPS device has the functionality to work with different maps in different  countries.

A GPS map update can ensure smooth functioning and there will be no problem finding most of the new addresses. We can help with the GPS update  provided your GPS should have  the updates available.